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“Chaz Guinn with Revolve Capital, 

We are scaling in Q3 of 2020. This month, August 2020, we are showing out 75 re-performing stabilized cash-flowing assets. We are showing a payment history of 2 years or more. Majority of these have a higher coupon, owner occupied single-family, 3 bedroom 2 bath quintessential mid-American homes.

On the other side of the fence, if you like non-performing assets we’re showing out 45 non-performing late stage deals, where they are days or weeks away from the foreclosure steps. This allows you room to put renovation dollars into these assets for a fix-and-flip play, or even a rental play. We’re going to keep these assets available the next couple of weeks, but we do ask that you make your offers right away. It’s first come, first serve. Many of these assets will not be around when the bid deadline comes up., please use your loan ID in the document request form page, and one of our sales associates will reach out to you in 24 hours. We look forward to hearing from you.”

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Chaz Guinn with Revolve

We’re going to be bringing you guys spotlight assets on a monthly basis, because most of the time we know these assets are being buried in excel spreadsheets.

As many of you know Florida has always been a hot demand market, and we want to spotlight this particular property. It’s located in Tampa, FL, it is a 3 bed 2 bath 1500 sq. ft. house, give or take 6,000 or 7,000 sq ft lot. This is a mainstream America property.  We have had 2 market valuations done earlier this year, and we are floating the market value between $230,000-$250,000.

We have done most of the legwork on foreclosure because we’re about 5 months away here in early August from the sale date. We’ve done a majority of the legwork for you as the end investor. When you’re looking at “what’s going to be the sale price” “what am I eventually going to do with this house” “do I agree on the market value”? Lets just say, apples to apples we both agree that the property is worth between $230,000-$250,000, you may ask “what’s the occupancy?” This property has been confirmed vacant, we have it locked and secured.

Minor rehab is going to be needed to bring it to a marketable condition. If you’re looking at comps, you’re going to see that as-is the market value is spot on. If you put a little bit of money into this property, you’re going to see that comps are going to float close to $275,000-$300,000. We are looking to sell this give or take 40% discount from the agreed upon market valuation. We feel this leaves you enough room to put some rehab dollars into it, get it listed and marketed properly, and be able to return yourself an exceptional  ROI.

We look forward to hearing from you guys as we know you’re ramping up your business with us here in Q3.

Hey everyone, Chaz Guinn with Revolve Capital.

We’re really starting to ramp up here in Q3 of 2020. right on our home page, under Buyer Application at the top is where you’re going to get signed up with us.

We’re showing out monthly offerings containing of both non-performing mortgages, re-performing mortgages, we’re also selling single one-off assets.

For many of you that have never even heard of a mortgage note that has gone delinquent and want to get into this space, but you couldn’t go directly to a major bank to buy a one-off. So there has to be some sort of bridge between a major Tier 1 bank and you as mainstream.

Come in and get signed up,, we are looking forward to start trading with you.

“Hey everyone, Chaz Guinn with Revolve Capital…

We come into situations and pricing discussions with you as our audience every single day. We appreciate it because you guys are trying to find value and an opportunity and arbitrage potentially in this market.

Especially as we navigate ourselves through a global pandemic, we are starting to see that this market… this distressed arena, has been insulated from a lot of the headwinds that many different industries have ran into. That is why you know 12 years into this business, it is such a reward to really see the different market changes that we’ve seen since 2008. You know you fast forward here in 2020 to still see a real pullback and a recession in the market that industries like this can still thrive. Value and opportunity can still be found. This is where we really enjoy getting to meet a lot of people that are coming in and getting signed up with us, coming from many different backgrounds.

One of the pricing discussions we ran into especially if you look back into the 2010, ’11, ’12 days was home values were still losing a lot of their traction. For example, a hundred-thousand dollar house in 2008 had slid all the way back maybe to $75k or $80k in 2011 and 2012. If you fast forward to 2020, you’re starting to see that same example. The market value of that house has crept back up towards $100k to $105k Sure, the pullback from the early 2000 decades, that value has been regained here in 2020.

Let’s just use some pricing discussions that we’ve ran into with many of you. $100,000 house, $90,000 mortgage balance, Borrowers took out the mortgage in 2012. They made consistent payments on that mortgage for five years. Let’s just say the $90,000 mortgage balance dropped to $75,000 for round measure purposes, so $75,000 mortgage balance, $100,000 house value. In 2017-18, let’s just say a divorce a hardship, some sort of job loss occurred and the borrower stopped making the monthly payment. The ticker, or the contract amount, for that unpaid balance will stop there and the lender and servicer begin to make advances on the loan on behalf of the homeowner. That could be taxes, fees, interests, corporate advances, insurance premiums things of that nature that begin to tack on, on the side. If you have a $75,000 balance and a sub balance that’s starting to accrue as payments are missed and not made that is a total collectible balance that you as the investor can discuss with that homeowner in the event the homeowner wants to stay-and-pay or if you cannot get a hold of them and you want to foreclose that amount would be used at the auction steps.

Many of you have come into a question where you say, how can I price the loan if it looks like it has equity but it’s in foreclosure. If the $75,000 balance is the contractual amount that the borrower is no longer making and there’s a fee and a sub balance that’s beginning to accrue when that homeowner is either found and you start the communication again that collectible balance on top of the fully collectible balance is what we’re calling the total payoff for the loan. This is standard. We ask that you verify this information. But, if your loan or your deal appears to be a $100,000 house in an equitable based position, make sure you’re looking at that sub balance that’s been accruing, that allows you as the investor to approach a homeowner and have a total payoff balance, that allows you to recoup more of your funds.

We are going to be bringing you these types of real life concepts as we begin to negotiate, and really ramp up our business here in Q3. We’ll talk to you guys all very soon.”