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I get this question asked all the time… What are we seeing in the market in terms of inventory, and how much more inventory are we going to see? I always want to remind people that prior to covid, there were already 4M to 4.5M loans that were 12 months or more delinquent already on their payments. This is pre-COVID, so now post COVID we’ve got another 5.5M to 6M loans that are delinquent, which is 9-12 months or more on payments, and yet have been put into foreclosure.

So, when you ask me what’s the inventory look like… to me, I think that the pipeline today is only going to be added to the 4M to 4.5M loans that were already there pre-COVID. We’re talking 10M+ loans that are already a year behind on their payments. I don’t see that product actually hitting the street for another three to four quarters. They’re going to try and work through that as we go into 2021 and get past this election.

I’m seeing this runway in terms of product and opportunity for YOU to get into this space to buy houses & buy hundreds of them at least for another 3-4 years strong. Why? Because how could they bleed through and liquidate 10M+ homes that are a year or more behind on their payments in the next year or so, can’t happen. It would actually constrain the market and actually really force values of houses to really dip… something I don’t see happening.

The opportunity is now… and we see the runway for this opportunity to be years from now.

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Many of you are familiar with HGTV… fix-and-flips, or creating rentals. Many times, you’re looking at properties where you still have to find the arbitrage opportunity… you can see that the roof needs repair, maybe the lawn needs to be completely fixed up, or maybe the kitchen and certain rooms need to be fully renovated. You’re able to find opportunity since you’re able to keep costs low that you’re putting into the property, and finding real margins so that when you eventually sell the property you make a nice profit.

What if you were able to take all those same instances into account… but then bought the property for 30 or 40% discount under market value. Then, were still able to add in all of those additional things you would normally do. is where we explain these type of topics and alternative investment strategies. We are looking forward to hearing more from you and working with you.

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In March 2020 when the coronavirus “stay-at-home” and “shelter-in-place” orders originated,  Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and HUD announced they would postpone all evictions for 60 days.

It is now mid-May and unfortunately many American’s are still unable to return to work. The future of the economy is uncertain while some states are continuing the stay at home orders.

“Today, to help borrowers and renters who are at risk of losing their home due to the coronavirus national emergency, the Federal Housing Finance Agency announced that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are extending their moratorium on foreclosures and evictions until at least June 30, 2020”, the The Federal Housing Finance Agency announced.

The FHA also introduced another repayment option for homeowners deferring loans due to coronavirus. With the new option, payments will be paused for 180 days, with an option of an additional 180 days after the initial period ends. The total deferred amount will be due at the end of the loan all at once. For example, if it is a 30 year loan the term will remain only 30 years, then the 180 or 360 day deferred payment will all be due at the end of the 30-year period.

More than 8.1 million borrowers have an FHA-backed mortgage.

Chaz Guinn speaks on a panel to discuss how Covid-19 is affecting the distressed housing market.