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This page is for internal use only and is not publicly visible. With your access level, you will see pages on the site that are not yet completed or launched to the public. Those pages will be marked with (internal). Many of the blog articles you have access to on this site are in draft mode and are for visual display purposes only, to showcase the new bold style of our blog images.

Below, you will find shortcuts links to the key features and integrations of the informational side of the Revolve website. The site is now hosted on high-frequency SSD servers via Cloudways. Allowing us to scale servers as traffic grows quickly. You are currently viewing the dev site that is connected to our staging site.

We have removed the 3-step sign up process and replaced it with a single long-form with form tracking & form abandonment in place. Our traffic will be monitored and tracked via HotJar, Zoho CRM, MonsterInsights/Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.

Please keep in mind this is not the Zillow style "Investor Portal". Once the portal is live, it will replace the stratification section of this website and allow users to see property images, BPOs, location information, etc. Current users will be migrated to the portal once complete with no need to signup.

Financial Freedom Starts Here

Landing Page

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Key demo: Active millennial male, new to investing.
Real Estate Investing, Reimagined

Landing Page

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Based off a real person Revolve does business with.

Milanote Integration

Open projects can now be embedded into our website for the team to review and collaborate. We can share full resolution and interactive content without creating massive email chains. Team members can leave feedback, public comments, and annotate the project by clicking the “Open in Milanote” hyperlink below. These Milanote pages will act as a living document and can be accessed at anytime.

**In this example, attached is a Milanote storyboard that was used to create the script for our voiceover. The voiceover and our team are given access to the Milanote board so we can collaborate in real-time.

Setting the Standard

Landing Page

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For banks and GSEs to see that we focus on working with the homeowner

New Modern Style of Blog

We have incorporated the Revolve logomark into many of our upcoming graphics. This new approach of bright bold imagery sets us apart from traditional corporate blogs.

Feature: Secure "Box" Integration

We can now share our deck to any interested party directly from the Revolve website. Pasword protected and secure with Box tracking.

Feature: Zoom Webinar Integration

The native zoom feature allows our users to view @tradedesk live-steams directly from our site. Team members can also host private "hidden" meetings.

Bank Notes | Defining Your Exit Strategy

Members Only Webinar

June 17, 2021

Hosted by: Frank Catania
[zoom_api_webinar webinar_id="92457393422" link_only="no"]

Feature: Zoom Meetings (Internal)

Our team can now access this private Zoom section to stay on top of our weekly meeting schedule.

Example Meeting

Monday | 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST

ATTENDEES: Chaz, Ray, Daniel S, Matt G, Marc B, Marlene, Jamie J

Internal Use Only

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