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At Revolve Capital, we embrace change. For years, we have ventured against the flow to create our own path. Essentially paving the road for this new asset class of real estate investing. Find out how our unique approach can allow you the freedom to invest from anywhere and go everywhere.
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At Revolve Capital Group, you have the opportunity to invest in low-risk, bank notes backed by real estate.

Our experienced team and trusted network provide investment opportunities with up to 20-40% or greater ROI.

Traditionally, the "everyday investor" did not have the opportunity to access one-off distressed notes – but now you have the ability to capitalize on the same investment options as banks and financial institutions.
Build Wealth with Bank Notes

Now you can invest outside of traditional real estate methods by purchasing pre-foreclosed bank notes. Become the bank.

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We supply you with detailed due diligence for each property at no cost to you.

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We sell 1st-position bank notes that have been purchased directly from the largest banks in the nation.

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