PLUS Membership Perks

Early Access

Special Events


As a Revolve PLUS Member, you will enjoy full access to all inventory.  That means you can...

  • Get the first look
  • Cherry pick deals
  • Access all inventory

Gain access to special offers, from national conferences to VIP zoom meetings.

  • Discounted conference tickets
  • Zoom meetings

As a thank you to our top-tier clients, we would like to offer you...

  • Save on transaction fees
  • Access our full vendor network
  • Corporate giveaways

Gain Full Access to Inventory

Our New Look

We’ve initiated a major overhaul on our brand for 2020. Our goal is to give back to the clients who have helped us get here. If you have spent over $500k with Revolve, you will be automatically added to our PLUS Membership.

PLUS Access

As a Revolve PLUS Member, you will receive full online access to all new inventory the moment we close.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We will be launching Revolve PLUS in Q2. Please check the FAQ below or use the contact form at the bottom of this page for more info.

Frequently asked questions about our PLUS Membership program.

What is Revolve PLUS?

Revolve PLUS is our exciting and new membership opportunity so we can give back to clients who have helped us get here.

What is included with my PLUS membership?

1. Get the first look at our new inventory

2. Be one of the first to cherry pick deals

3. Access to all of our inventory

How do I upgrade my membership?

All clientele who purchase over $500k in assets become instantly approved and added to a Revolve PLUS Membership. If you can show proof of funds and plan to hit that target number, you can request access via the form below.

How do I access my Revolve PLUS account?

Once you reach PLUS status, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions.

How much does the Revolve PLUS Membership cost?

Revolve PLUS Membership is free to all vetted clientele who have reached the $500k mark. Anyone who has proof of funds and has signed our NDA can request a Revolve PLUS membership with proof of funds and plan to hit that target number.